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EOTPRO's "Flip a Coin" Webinar

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EOTPRO's "Flip a Coin" Webinar

I try to avoid advertising commercial stuff because I don't want people to think I am affiliated (which I'm not), but this particular email that I received today from EOT caught my eye.

Here is the gist of the email:

About the event: Chuck LeBeau and David Lucas tested hundreds of technical indicators over an eight year period and concluded that nearly all traditional price indicators were no better for trading decisions than flipping a coin. If LeBeau and Lucas are right, then most indicators that traders use daily in making trading decisions are useless. Markets are not orderly and there is no underlying pattern in the markets to be discovered. Does that mean, we as day traders should we give up hope and quit trading? Should we just flip a coin and hope for the best? NO!

Bill will examine the reasons for abandoning traditional indicators and cover the following topics to help you make better trading decisions...
• How to understand the basic nature of the futures markets and why traditional price indicators do not deliver success
• Best practices for measuring high probability and the important difference between market prediction and market forecasting
• How to put it all together to identify and capitalize on great trading opportunities on both large and small time frames for futures, forex and equities
• Added Bonus: Live application examples of EOTPRO's Neural Network and Future Price prediction indicators exclusive for NinjaTrader!
Special Trading Room Privileged Access: Judge us for yourself as we are offering 'privileged access' trial to our trading room. For a limited time, you will have full client privileges with the opportunity to witness our unique approach to trading, giving our clients a real trading advantage, developing consistent, successful traders. This privileged access is limited, register quickly and experience the EOTPRO difference!

The link they give to register:
EOTPRO Free trials

I found it interesting because EOT sells indicators, but they also sell a room and a neural network trading system. I've always thought that Bill was a good trader, and that the EOT room is a good place for beginners to learn a great deal. While I probably won't attend the webinar, I'm curious if anyone else will and what they will take away from it.

You guys know my opinions already: the more naked the chart, the better (no indicators). And don't rely on automation to make money.


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