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Work with Steve

I have had 2 sessions with Steve so far. The sessions are similar to Faster EFT if you have done that work. The big difference, which is big, is that Steve does the internal work. I am not sure what he does or how he does it.

It sounds like voodoo, but it worked for me. I noticed positive changes in personal behavior that have remained.

But what about trading? Positive so far. However, I am trading in the topsteptrader combine right now. If you are not familiar with that, it is a company that puts traders through a timed sim test with profit and max loss rules. If you pass, you can be hired as a remote prop trader. It is not my money on the line, but I really want to pass this, so it does put the feet to the fire for me. If nothing else, I can trade for $150 month and figure this out for less than my previous "tuition".

I have had poor results trading for 4 years. I started in options and did some very stupid things, including putting 75% of my account on 1 trade. That left a scar. I moved to futures and had 2 small accounts, $6K and $10K. I moved from system to system, grail shopping. I closed both accounts when they got down in the 2k-3k range. At that level, the panic and desperation became overwhelming for me. No matter what system I was trying to use, panic struck on entering a position. Procrastination has been a problem for me, although that is improving as well. I would never quite be prepared to trade, so I had an out when I failed.

A persistent problem was freezing, both before and after getting in a trade. I realized in the past six months that when I entered a trade, or price was approaching an area that I had defined as critical, I would go blind. I literally would narrow my vision of price action down to the actual bar oscillating up and down. It was like I could not see anything else. Price would get to my area and I just sat watching the ball bounce up and down. Price would move away as expected and I would just sit until it was too late.

A second problem is countertrend trading. Along with the big picture blindness, I trade countertrend too often.

Working with Steve, for me, has been a process of simply removing past experiences that are affecting me in the present. You start with a personal history, that I found to be profoundly helpful by itself. Going through Steve's personal history process enabled me to see patterns or themes in my past. Reference freezing, I had several significant experiences as a small child directly related to fear and freezing.

The work we then did focused on the big areas and removing the energy from them. My experience was not as dramatic as Welly's but I have definitely seen changes, both personally and in trading. The cost is definitely a factor. It was way more than I wanted to pay. It was definitely worth it to me.

I have lost money trading, but have found it to be the most rewarding thing I have done for myself. Nothing strips away the bullshit and brings up your personal demons like trading. Trading led me to BigMikes, then to PATS, then to Welly, then to Steve. I feel like I can finally start to learn how to trade now.

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