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Indicator Warehouse use BMT indicators?

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I recently purchased a part of one of their systems. What I did not realize was that it was one part of the three part system. I did find it useful, but it did not work out for my style of trading. That being said, Adam contacted me to offer a refund. Ever heard of a vendor doing this? I have not. I was on the plan where I leased as I went until it was paid off. Not sure what has happened in the past, but I felt this was more than fair, and cannot say anything negative about them, if anything, much more positive.

I don't know beans from Adam but I too had purchased IW's DTS system late last year and the system paid for itself within a few short weeks of my initial purchase. In fact, I purchased a-la-carte and for every DTS indicator I had added to the arsenal the better became my trading and profits went up. But then again, I consider myself your average trader and nothing I had tried before has given me the results I am getting with DTS. This may go against the grain of what has been posted here but the results are real and measured in $$$.

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