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Flux Capacitor - by Back to the Future

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Exactly, you haven't seen anything. You can post an opinion of what you think might be the case but don't post 'facts' and 'statistics' based on nothing. The trading comminity is full of false information and you're not helping.

Attached, real trades of how I trade it. If I get a signal and have one of my proprietary S/R lines then I take it. Consider that I only scalp for 1 - 2 points. 3 - 5 tick stop.

So when some tells me that what I use to trade is only 33% accurate and I am able to use it with 85% accuracy, over the long term, then I've got to call them on it. You're full of it Scott. Post some screenshots of trades that you would have actually taken with it that didn't work and ones that did work to back it up if you're that sure of yourself. Every dot isn't a signal, there has to be significance there. Maybe that's where your 'statistics' are coming from, if so then it's poor trading ability that would cause your kind of results.

Again, any trial of a Ninja trader indicator can be converted to the full version with a little know how so I don't blame them for protecting their intellectual property.

If people would like to see more trades then just ask nicely. I'm not trying to sell anything over there. I just want to let people know it can work and I really respect the original creator of this.

Edit: added trades from Friday morning. I only trade mornings. Why trade more? 5+ points per contract there.

Just to clarify, the dots come from BTTFT proprietary indicator(s)?


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