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Boomerang indicator system at

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There's 2 big reasons why he can't duplicate the Boomerang trades live and to the 80% accuracy rate.

(1) - The actual Boomerang trades happen too fast. This is what he's discovered, I think, in transitioning to live trading. On a historical chart, it's easy to see the trades that happened. In a live trading environment, the indicators happen too quick, or are repainting behind the prices too slowly for him to do the trade at the price it should be executed at. Also, a lot of his Boomerang trades get stopped out at the low / high of the move, because 2.5 points is too small a stop, and he doesn't look for the edge on the trade entry.

Yep that's correct, the signals come in very fast and I often miss a good and profitable trade because I'm a little bit too slow with the execution. Personally I got used to an (at least) 12 tick stop since 10 ticks most often just kick you out of a good trade only to see the market subsequently take off in your direction...

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But he's a real action freak, he can't stay with a winning trade when the indicators tell him to. And conversely, last Friday (which was a disaster), he had a trade that was up 10 points, and let it go to a 2 point loss, getting stopped at the lows before it went up again, and another trade that was up 6-7 points that went back to break even, he took it off break even, and then it went up 10-15 points. So obviously, "trade management" is not one of his strong suits, to say the least!

OMG, letting a 5+ points trade go against you and eventually turn into a loss is really no object lesson for proper risk / money management...

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