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Boomerang indicator system at

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Mohan Update

Greek tragedy style? Well, that's exactly what it is! Talk about hubris.

Here's a guy touting an 80% accurate system, who "promises" to get 75% returns per month.

Instead, he loses 100% in 6 weeks.

Don't you think people would want to know about that, to not get sucked into this morass?

Hey, I lost $4000 or so of real money, between the shitty Boomerang trades (80% accurate), and the
subscription fees.

Thank god I stopped it before he went on the drunken bender, losing $8000-10,000 in 11 trading days.

You're certainly welcome to praise his trading room, or his autotrading accounts (which, by the way, have apparently been suspended until he gets his act together), but everything I've written has been the ABSOLUTE
truth, based on Mohan's end of day wrapups, and observations of his trading style in real time.

Hey, I wish he was successful. I would love to see him make 20 points a day. But he's obviously incapable of that.
Instead, he makes 9-11 points 2 days a week, and then loses 26-29 points the other 2 days of the week.

Is that what you expect of a "professional trader"? Especially using a "system" that is supposed to have 80% accuracy? I think not.

I think this guy has never traded live before February 2014.

The emperor has no clothes.

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