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Boomerang indicator system at

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Further Update on Mohan Trading Room

Well, a big milestone today for Mohan. A new high loss, and the complete wipeout of the original equity stake!

Since March 20, Mohan changed the AutoTrade accounts from trading the Boomerang trades, to taking all the trades. Now, starting on Feb. 18, trading 4 lots on a $12,000 account, by March 19, 1 month later, Mohan had lost about $2400, trading 4 lots using Boomerang. Now remember, this is a system that's supposedly 80% accurate, and he projected an $8000-9000 return per month trading only Boomerang trades (which have a target of 3 points, and a stop loss of 2.5 points). So, in one month, a 20% drawdown.

But it gets better! Starting March 20, the trading accounts started taking all the trades that he called out in the room. On March 20 ALONE, he lost 15-16 points, knocking the account down a good $1400 in 1 day (fortunately, I had stopped the trading in the account before then!).

Since then, the results have been:

3/24 - about

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