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Experience at Live Trading Rooms

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Experience at live trading rooms

I have been using Market Profile for a decade now, so when I see a room that is using MP in his trading, I always curious if I can learn something from .
So I check Channel trading and pay for one Month $50 at that time and to be honest I did not learn one thing new to my MP knowledge, probably and I hope Kevin(Moderator of the room) learn something for me.
But what start to get my attention was the emotional and mental clarity that he show in all his calls,
I know that some traders don't like rooms that make calls , but I thinks that is extremely important to see real life how a pro think and act in the battle field . I understand that a call with out teaching is meaningless, but he make most of the calls with sufficient time and explaining the set up why he is taking the trade where to put the stop and what to expect for a target. I will say that once he in the trade
his mind is very focus and very clear and he management the trade with impeccable discipline and always explaining what he is seeing and thinking of the market.
The emotional intelligence is his best quality , if he win or lose he is always in control and he can take another trade with the same mental clarity over and over.
In the 2 months in the room I will say that 70% of his trade are profitable , 15% brake even and 15% stop out of -1 point.
In 2 months he only have 2 days on red ( I will say pink) nothing to worry about
He use Market Profile in a very efficiency way to find support and Resistance levels + Fib # but his strong side come from reading Price Action , I never see any one that can read the market with such a confidence and precision.

I has been in a lot of rooms and I can say that this room has something new to offer: a professional trader that know how to make money every day and most important , he Know how to teach

If you have experience the room will more than enough but if you a new trader he offer seminars every week.

. He show his charts in gotowebinar where he explain all his set ups in real time,very clear and in advance

NO I am not affiliate in any way to his room
and I don't know for sure if he trade real money because he don't show his Dom.in the gotowebinar presentation
But I will say one thing , in this 2 months he prove me that he can read and trade the market like very few can and the best part is that he is well articulate in his teaching. He answer all the questions

One thing that I dont like it is that you can not communicate or interact whit the participators of the room your typing is only see by him . He offer me to use the microphone but my English is worst when I speaking than when I type

The only reason I am posting this is to present another option for a new trader or some one that is having a hard time to put his trading together. You can check, is this kind of trading go with your personality.
As all we know that if you don't understand the Market and yourself your probabilities to make a living in this sport are very small, even if you have the best education.

Hope some one can benefice from this info. And Excuse my English

Best to all

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