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Experience at Live Trading Rooms

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bellingham, wa
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".........I strongly advise you stay away from ALL of these places. Look, I don't want to tout futures.io (formerly BMT) as the best place ever, but you really can learn a lot more from this forum (and for free, or the price of a small donation -- very tiny in comparison to these other sites) than you can learn from these other sites selling indicators or trade calling services. That is not to be said one of these places may be worthwhile, but for the most part, no one can sell you something that is going to make you a better trader, no matter what that something is. You asked for my advice so there it is.......

I agree with Big Mike on the above statement.
I have been to many rooms, paid or free, many are not trustworthy. Even the honest one does not know how to trade profitably. So those rooms come and go. Check out Paltalk rooms for trading. You will see my point. If you decide to go into a room, just watch and DO NOT actually trade for at least 1 months, not just 1 day or 2. IT's your hard earned money, don't loose it because it appears to be good. I have seen it many times. Some room owners was doing fine for the first few days or weeks then everything went against him/her. Also, stay away from those that sweet talk to you how good he is. One of my worst experience was with this Marek (polish accent guy) ,he is a crook 100%. Do not go into his room under any circumstances. If you want to learn Market Profile, James Pendleberry is a honest guy. But mp is widely used. IMO, price action is the best.
Join a room for your learning benefit and not for following others.
Just do what Big Mike suggested, learn yourself. I am now a better trader when I learned it all myself.
It many take time but definitely will save you money in the long run; so later you can use that money to trade when you are good and need it.

Good luck to your search.

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