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Day Trade to Win's Atlas Line (

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I think I agree with what you are saying in that it's very easy to dismiss any and all trading vendors as charlatans. On the other hand, most folks who have purchased any type of trading information from a vendor would be likely to say the product was over-stated and under-performed. Concerning the Atlas Line - I have no idea whether it has merit. Here is what I do know: the fact that it worked on a given day is almost meaningless. Second, about a year ago when I was considering the ATO method from the same vendor who promotes the Atlas Line, I had email correspondence that led me to believe his results were over-stated. To be more specific, at that time, daily results were posted. Trades that achieved 4 points in profit were always counted as 2 points on half contracts and 4 points on the second. However, when trades only moved 2 points in profit, they were counted as 2 points on all contracts. Unfortunately, it's not possible to know in advance when a trade hits 2 points of profit whether or not it will continue to 4 points. So you either move your stop to break even at 2 points, in which case some trades will get stopped at break even for no gain, or you take 2 points on half your contracts and move your stop to break even, in which case some trades will only profit those 2 points on half contracts. This might seem subtle, but it will dramatically skew the results one is able to attain - and they would not be remotely close to the results suggested by his performance records at the time. It is exactly this kind of dis-ingenuity that causes such skepticism about vendors in general. Another aspect of this discussion is the fact that trading is a skill that takes a good deal of time to acquire. It's not particularly easy and often, even when very good information is supplied by a vendor, it still doesn't translate into profitable trading for the purchaser. Many people think they can buy a course or find a specific indicator combination that will automatically morph them into profitable traders. If it worked that way, then everyone who went through the Investools training would be making fistfuls, or everyone who took the Pristine classes would be raking in bucket loads. In reality, only a persistent few, those willing to put in the time and do the work, climb to the top of the trading ladder.

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