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Day Trade to Win's Atlas Line (

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Atlas Line Worked today

I have spoken to John over the phone, and he has shown me how the Atlas works. Sadly, because of this forum and the belief in some more experienced traders I decide to walk away.

But, I saw this post today

so I also have to give credit where credit is due! It was posted at time way before the market has drooped. I take the responsibility to buy it or not. But, I wonder if someone does trade these methodologies, or most of the guys here are competitors?
This Forum so far has been only “don’t buy this!”“he is a scammer” about all programs that I have checked so far….and at times I feel that it’s just the easiest thing to say to look good about any vendor out there. I regret not trusting my intuitions and subscribing to this“internet bullying” from many on this forum. Here is what I believe: most educators in this business could only provide a reference for trading to develop a methodology, and I never look at them as the crystal ball, despite my lack of experience. Maybe now the evaluation will be from a different angle, such as“is this a good trading block”? as oppose to“does this make money”?
The bottom line is that I wish people have used more objective advice,in evaluating products and helping traders
Just a thought…no need to jump back and bite.LOL

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