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There's no communicating with people who ignore facts so that's not my intent here, I just want readers of this thread to understand the facts. From 2004 to early 2005, Franz was my student. Around March of 2005, Afshin had Franz call some trades using the TI method. He wasn't very good at it and Afshin took him off. Franz complained bitterly. Since Franz and Afshin were "countrymen" fom Iran, Afshin put him back on. I immediately resigned. End of story.

Franz didn't start his BullsEye "throw wads of money at losing trades until your savings are gone" until AFTER I had already left and that's when things started going sour there, not before.

Bitter hardheaded people will still find a way to make everything my fault but at least some folks who will take the time to check out the facts will come to a more fair conclusion. At least that's my hope.

Its amazing you would even feel the need to come on this forum.. It seems all your trying to do is deflect blame away from yourself and onto others. There was over a 50 page rant over at elite trader documenting your and Afshins dog and pony show. Are all those former students wrong too? To state facts you dont have any documentation that you actually made any qualatative funds trading the TI method. The demos you did for students showed past trades that would have made this or that and when you saw a trade go in your sirection a few ticks you would point it out and hope it continued. A vast majority of the students who took the class had no real experience in live markets and could be easily swayed by all the TI deceptions. All the demos were done on Sim which is easy to grab a tick each way since it doesnt use real bid/ask prices..a number of filters for trades against the trend are very subjective and can always be made to look good after the fact... there ar a number of very secure methods profiled on BM forums that dont cost 5-6000 as does TI. This is not the place to regain your reputation. its apparent to anyone who can see between the lines .

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