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There's no communicating with people who ignore facts so that's not my intent here, I just want readers of this thread to understand the facts. From 2004 to early 2005, Franz was my student. Around March of 2005, Afshin had Franz call some trades using the TI method. He wasn't very good at it and Afshin took him off. Franz complained bitterly. Since Franz and Afshin were "countrymen" fom Iran, Afshin put him back on. I immediately resigned. End of story.

Franz didn't start his BullsEye "throw wads of money at losing trades until your savings are gone" until AFTER I had already left and that's when things started going sour there, not before.

Bitter hardheaded people will still find a way to make everything my fault but at least some folks who will take the time to check out the facts will come to a more fair conclusion. At least that's my hope.

here is some facts for you, i met Afshin in 2000 he was president/owner of TI then and he is still owner/president of TI now so again in 2005 who did you work for? trainers come and go, if one leaves he hires another but I guess he learnt a lesson so he was able to shut down another trainer when that guy trying the same thing as you do.

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