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Boomerang indicator system at

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Update on Boomerang

I did end up getting the new version of Boomerang, and the methodology is OK. As mentioned, Mohan conducts recaps of various days trading, and it all appears very straightforward. The setup is on the 450 Tick chart on the NQ, with a target of 12 ticks, and a stop of 10 ticks. The problem is, as mentioned, Mohan only does this in historical mode. And in historical mode, all the trades work great. Just like Stochastics, or MACD. The problem is, that in real time, you'll get indications of a trend change, that then disappears after you get in. So there is some repainting going on, that makes it difficult to make those historical trades in real time. Sometimes, depending on when you enter, you might only get to 8 or 10 ticks, before the momentum dies and it turns around. Of course, other times, as longer term time frames transition in the new direction, you might get in, get your 12 ticks (3 points), and then the moves goes on for 7, 10 or even 15 points, and you're sitting there watching it go without you.

An ATM setup of 4 lots, with 10-12 ticks on the 1st 2 or 3 lots, and then leaving the 4th lot as a runner with a break even stop, can work well for catching larger moves. What's a bit aggravating is that the setups rely on looking at some things that are judgement calls, such as how much distance there is between the Dynamic Trend Bands, how steep the bias line is, etc. All that kind of thing is easy to do when looking back at the chart, not so easy to do when trading in real time. I'm not sure why they couldn't include all those other things to look at in the logic, and just provide a unequivocal buy or sell signal when all the conditions are met. Has anyone ever looked at programming the setup rules into an autotrader setup?

They did start an AutoTrader account system using the BDT system starting this month. I tried to get in, but they already had enough accounts that filled it up (pretty quickly). Am not sure what their results are yet. They were projecting about $9400 per month on a 4 lot, requiring $12000 margin, and charging $500 per month and $8 commissions.

Finally, is anyone trading the boomerang day trader (new version) on the NQ live, and be interesting in Skyping to look at the trade setups. I'm still front-running or anticipating the signals too much, and end up taking false signals, or getting (and staying) in losing positions. Would be helpful to have a consensus in real time of what the real signals are.


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