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Daily Pivots in Forex - What start time?

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Daily Pivots in Forex - What start time?

Been trading Forex recently since the equities market is pretty Zzzz. I kinda noticed daily pivots were not causing any price reactions and stopped paying attention to them. Then today I thought back... Wait a minute, I remember daily pivots having reactions a year ago... Wth?

So, I goggled around and someone mentioned London open as the proper start/end time. So, I switched everything to a 2AM CST start/end time and pivots are working again! Eg: Price is reacting to them consistently again.

Now, just to make sure... Is the London open the official time that people are using for Forex daily pivots? Eg: Is it the time used by default across most retail/professional charting programs and etc? Or is 2am CST not correct? It could also be 00:00 GMT... Not sure!

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