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try 5,2,2 or 5,3,3

Try using 3,4 and 2 on the %Ds and 5, 50, 20, 0 and 2 on the trigger MACD. Those are the ones I use in NinjaTrader and they are not the ones TI uses. As someone already pointed out, it doesn't matter what the settings's how you use the tool (indicator) that matters.

Everyone is certainly welcome to their opinions and they can spread them all over if they choose. I would never care to take exception to anything said about TI in this thread. What TI does is no concern of mine. I'd never even bother to reply here except that my name was mentioned. Since I care deeply about the reputation I worked so hard to build, I felt obliged to respond.

During the years I was contracted to help launch and build TI, their reputation was spotless and they were a class act. What happened after I left is history. I went my way and they went theirs. I am not responsible for what they do yet I am forever blamed for decisions they made long after I left.

Am I a knockoff of TI? Well, we both use divergences. So do 300 other trading companies. Stochs and MACD's. Yep, so does everyone else. But are we identical? No! My timings are different, my filters are different, my other indicators are different, my methodology is different and my trader education isn't remotely related to what they teach. They don't have the "with trend" entries I do such as my LP entry which I developed myself.

Very importantly, they don't have coded trade entries that give them signals with warnings so the trader student doesn't have to stress and strain to find a trade. I could go on and on. But, no, we are nothing alike. Look at those charts that were posted. What's wrong with those entries? If those were TI's entries, computer generated, heck, I'd buy their system myself. Certainly none of you would be complaining.

Criticize me all you want but at least state real reasons. Is the fact I was TI's original moderator a real reason to criticize? I never had nor needed a "bankroller" but, if I ever did, is that a reason to dislike me. Just be fair. State actual facts that matter. I didn't come dragging home at midnight all those nights from 1-on-1 student support sessions just to to run a scam. That's not how scammers operate.

I don't think Big Mike intended this great Forum to turn into an Elite Trader infestation of vile trader losers who can't accept personal responsibility and point the finger at everything and anything they can to blame their failures on. Come on. We're all better people than that and I hope we're all friends. Hate me if you choose, but please know me first.

My "golden rule" of trading systems is simply this: "If a particular system or method did not work for you, then it just wasn't meant for you." The reason is irrelevant. Some will win with it and some won't (assuming the system had some real merit to begin with). Never buy any trading system based on a Webinar or a few days in a trading room. If a sales person pressures you, hang up fast. Actually try the system for yourself BEFORE you ever touch your wallet. If that's not an option, run.

Thanks for letting me get that off my chest.

Roger Felton

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