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So clearly from whatever reason Mr John Paul himself was aware of these links and he did not want the rest of the listeners have such an easy ride to find them...

I don't know of any marketer that would allow links to anonymous internet people saying bad stuff about their products to be posted at their own marketing event. Scam or not, I'm not sure why you think that is newsworthy.

It's typical to be slapped down even for mentioning a competitor in passing. Since you seem to like Ninja, I'll use ninja as an example. I used to give regular presentations at ninja. If I accidentally showed a screenshot I had taken with multicharts during the presentation, they'd pull it off-screen and erase the chat. Even if I mentioned a blog post which used another platform in one of the examples!

But I didn't go around on forums insinuating that "clearly ninja did not want the listeners to have such an easy ride to find other platforms...." cue ominous music... it's just the nature of business.

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