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Anyone heard about symmetry indicators (

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OpalDragon and typer77

You have said enough but I want to add my own experience being only attracted to his webinar and follow up "training". He scheduled training for late afternoon so it suited me as it was early morning our time. I have joined the room and I am waiting, waiting... When I asked about promised training he finally showed up and said it was already done as anounced earlier (apparently as soon as I went to bed) - so I missed out and he would not repeat it. I showed my disappointmnet so he went 'agro' and ended up kicking me out of the room!

Damn dude... @romus that sucks... but yea I unfortunately know what you are saying... that does sound like him.

The guy is a psycho.... :O end of story.. I am not using the word correctly *most probably.. but you know what I mean.

Also I don't know what you mean by "Agro" -- like : he went 'agro' . That word is unfamiliar to me.. but I think you meant 'crazy and psycho...'? Because that is how he was/is ....

Good thing people will see this thread and tell him to f off... ;p

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