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Flux Capacitor - by Back to the Future

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I've asked, by now, about a half dozen times, for this thread to be monitored. Monitored for facts as compared to libelous statements that sit on here and go unchecked. Statements like "Ron's a successful trader, but in my opinion, he probably doesn't even use the tools he's showing on the screen to make money".

I hear about these statements from customers, who come to us and say, "I read 'such and such' on futures.io (formerly BMT), and I'm not sure I want your software." When I go back and read what the person wrote, there are no screen shots of our software showing the mysterious, "this is why I said I don't use it". There are no statistical studies....nothing. There's somebody on the forum writing, "this guy doesn't trade his system so you better watch out....snake oil alert". I've lost business as a result of those types of misleading, unreinforced, libelous statements. I've never notified an attorney to send a heavy handed letter, demanding the email addresses of the poster, like some vendors have done. I simply ask for the post to be addressed, and the false statements to be removed. Sometimes, it takes me anywhere between 6 and 7 months to find the post, which has been viewed countless times from it's original posting date.

This week, I admittedly lost my mind.

With regards to my definition of the word "hacked", I am inferring that people in the upload section post indicators that mimic identically what was developed by a 3rd party. I went back to find specific examples of ones I had seen uploaded....files that even other members had commented on saying, "Whoa budddy, those look like such and such's indicators...you shouldn't have posted that here". Indicators like Raghee's mahTrendGraber in a download section. If Raghee, the original developer, didn't upload it, why was it there with no credit given back to her? Others were there, but I can't find them now. A fast search showed however the indicator with the phrase "Blue Wave" in it, alluding to the Blue Wave Trading company. ?

A reasonable person would assume that this is either a Blue Wave indicator, or one that has been crafted to do exactly what the original was designed and reverse engineered to do. Why would a copyrighted name appear anywhere in a download section of a forum? My original point, when re-read correctly, infers that some ideas were spawned by the original community of product developers. People who've said, "I'm going to build a tool...a 'hammer....a really good tool, and I'm going to ask people for money who want to use my tool.

I'm tired of having to come back here and monitor the thread and ask the posters to abide by the rules you clearly delineated at the beginning of this thread. I am consistently held to a higher standard of "factuality" than they are, only whey they break the rules, money comes out of my family's mouths. When I try to show actual facts, a "vendor" alarm goes off because I posted a chart ...and somehow correcting a lie is confused with promoting a product. If I need to be banned for that, please ban me.

I apologize for incorrectly using words like "hacked". This is a good forum, and there are good people here. Many of them are our customers. Many of them are doing a great service to the multitude of traders that need to hear what's written and supported here. But admit it though - when someone writes something about you that isn't true (as you inferred above) you need the right to defend yourself and ask for proof. Because you've worked hard to build something special, and it matters when someone speaks out of turn or incorrectly about you. My product isn't perfect, but it and my colleagues don't need to be defamed because someone feels powerful behind their keyboard 1,000 miles away....


First it is not libel if a user is stating their opinion.

As far as someone using futures.io (formerly BMT) to make an informed decision before purchasing your products, futures.io (formerly BMT) was created with that being one of its goals. People share experiences here. Good or bad.

With regards to lawyers and such, you are free to serve legal notice. I receive them all the time from vendors who are unhappy with how their company is being represented. If the statements were made based on opinion or experience, I will not remove them and I will see you in court. I have spent a great deal of money defending the rights of posters on futures.io (formerly BMT). I know other forums roll over and delete stuff, I do not. However, if the post was made with malicious intent (ie libel) then I will happily remove it, and I am usually first to do so because I don't stand for anything like that on the forum.

Unfortunately it has been my experience that indicator vendors place far too much weight on the indicators they are selling, and they end up over representing their effectiveness in generating profits to potential customers, who in turn can be very upset if they are not money makers. There are absolutely vendors that have good intentions and don't do this purposely, but possibly from lack of experience in which they don't realize that if they themselves are making money with the indicator it could be due to other trading related experience, and not the indicator.

There are then of course the truly bad vendors, the ones who post performance reports of how much money something has made in the past, usually in the form of a completely unrealistic backtest, in order to lure in uneducated or inexperienced traders that don't know any better. I do not know how those people can sleep at night.


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