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Flux Capacitor - by Back to the Future

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You accusation really rubbed me the wrong way. futures.io (formerly BMT) is not a hacked-indicator, download site by any means. With the vast majority of the Ninja Trader indicators available here, the contributor authored source code is readily available. If a DLL is involved it is most definitely not a hacked DLL. You ever follow a recipe and make a something to eat? You ever make your own recipe? Me, I can go to a restaurant, taste it and then go home and re-create my version of it. One can and does get to a state as a developer/engineer where if they see it, research it, and/or read about it, they can build their own version of it. When I come to an understanding and “envision” the algorithm or process, codifying it is easy. I pride myself on this ability; it’s what I get paid for during the day. I enjoy the puzzle aspect of figuring out complex things. Your accusation is totally unfounded. Urg….

I worked 15 years for a machinery company. It went out of business because Chinese engineers did exactly what you're describing, here. When asked at tradeshows why their machinery looked exactly like our machinery, but theirs was 75% cheaper, they said what you just said, nearly identically, "where if they see it, research it, and/or read about it, they can build their own version of it." Taking the original idea, and reverse engineering it was never something I took pride in. I instead went back and said, "How can I do this differently....better....faster". Our designs were unique enough for patents, and then I'd make the machine, sell it to a company, and help a stay at home mom earn 15,20K more a year on a machine that helped her sew twice as many products in 8 hours.

Imitation is not the ultimate form of flattery. In that sense, my accusation has merit. Someone sees a NexGen webinar, and then a year later there's a Fib confluence tool posted on someone's forum somewhere that looks identical. Great, it was reverse engineered and given a neutral name. Now do better....take it one step further. Go somewhere the original developer didn't go. Give credit to the original developer, etc. License their idea.

That seems fair to me, as someone who was 'paid to engineer things' during the day for nearly a quarter century...

But again. I'm sorry. This isn't my company, it's yours. You have my word, after today, I won't be posting anything on here again. I'm very, very tired of coming back like this to correct speculative falsehoods. I'm finished.

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