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Moving away from MT4 - need suggestions

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Moving away from MT4 - need suggestions

This is my first post here. I joined this forum, as it seems to have some good threads on various platforms, so I think other members will be able to offer good advice.

I am currently using MT4 to run my automated starategies on brokers like Pepperstone and Fxopen. No compliants about the brokers, so far they have been very good.
However, now that I have proved my strategies work in the real world, I would like to move to a more "professional" setup.
MT4 - although it works, does have a lot of bugs, and my strategies have to be coded to take into account all of it's "features". Also the backtesting is somewhat slow, using only one core. (I use Dukascopy tick data inconjunction with Birt's TickDataSuite to perform the testing, and I am investigating WalkForward Analyzer).

On the broker side - Fxopen and Pepperstone, both standard and ECn accounts have been fine, but I am concerned as my account grows, that this may not always be the case.

So i initially started investigating Dukascopy, and have been trying to convert my strategies to java. (I am no coder, so this is is proving a massive learning curve for me, and I don't even know if the end result will be a success).

Therefore I started to consider perhaps moving to Tradestation or Multicharts(with Dukascopy ), as i think EasyLanguage will be simpler for me.

My wishlist:
for testing:
  • Fast reliable backtesting on tick data hopefully free?
  • Can you use variable spread in the backtesting?
  • Possible to run several optimisations at the same time - eg different pairs or different versions.
  • Walk forward analysis
  • ability to use custom indicators in the strategies.

For live:
  • Ability to run several strategies on the same pair at the same time, without them interferring with each other.
  • Data feeds that back popoulate history if the system outage. - otherwise indicators won't be accurate.
  • PAMM or MAM functionality - maybe getting ahead of myself here - but no harm in future proofing.
  • Like the idea of Tradestation being STP without commissions. Commissions make a larger dent in my account than a wider spread. Are there similar brokers on Multicharts?

thanks for sharing your thoughts.
(I put this thread here as there didn't appear to be a generic forum for Platforms - happy for it to be moved though.)

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