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Flux Capacitor - by Back to the Future

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I used to get upset when I read these posts. Really, really take them personally. Not anymore.

There's something called the "review" effect. The 85% of people who use a product, successfully, never log on to a website and post a review about it. They just use it, and go on about their lives. Most reviews are filled by the 15% of people who have a bad experience with the product, and that's just the nature of humans-being.

There's an important social empowerment - a feeling that comes from saying something as an "Elite Member" and getting PM's from new guys saying "Thanks for that!". It all falls apart when you start lying - or posting speculative statements that have nothing to do with the actual product. I've restated - for the record, what the truth is. First, that you showed multiple screen shots of success - abnormally high success, when you were dedicated to using the actual product in the very beginning. You obviously stopped using the product the same way you were using it in the beginning, which is fine - people change. Factually though - you were using it, and having augmented success with it.

Second, Ron trades. The Flux. Michael Maldonado, our live Pro Trader, trades the Flux. He's on track to have a 100% return year. Trades taken, using the Flux, live in a room in front of other Flux users. He's a CTA, and lives as a professional trader using, the Flux. Those are facts. Both are verifiable. Both happen transparently, live, in a room full of skeptical people, day after day after day.

There's more to time cycles and group behavior pattern study than "this is when the market closes"....or, "this is when such and such market opens". WD Gann said over a century ago,

"TIME is the most important factor in determining market movements and by studying the past records of the averages of individual stocks you will be able to prove for yourself that history does repeat and that by knowing the past you can tell the future. …" (Time Cycles by Forecasting Course, WD Gann)

Gann was reportedly 85% accurate in his profitability.

I suspect when one of the esteemed members of this forum finally cracks our software and posts a free version in the ELITE MEMBERS SECTION, everyone on this forum will decide that everything we've been doing for 5 years was genius....revolutionary. People will shout, "THANKS THIS HAS CHANGED MY LIFE"!!!!

I know this, because the Elite section is filled with hacked versions of software that other companies developed, and lost to the masses. As a result those companies have changed the way they lock their code...having to employ third party servers now and complex hard coded indicator protocols. It's sad. Especially when people on the forum say things like, "Well, we would have figured this out eventually!". I would argue that subconsciously, the ideas perpetuated in most forums were generated based on things people learned at other events - or as a result or consequence of something someone else taught, or developed and sold.

I develop tools. I'm a "Tony Stark"...a "tinkerer", a "mechanic". My education is as a Mechanical Engineer. Having spoken to more traders than anyone on this forum...having managed more money than most people will ever see, I can say that my own personal journey has been on par with that of writer Jack Schwager, author of "The New Market Wizards". Schwager confesses in his book he doesn't thrive on the energy of day trading, but rather, enjoys decoding the puzzle and developing the tools that either others use, or he can use in auto-trading methodologies. No one buys his book and says, "I demand to see your trading account", though. Here, I guess, they do.

This is a screenshot with data-mined behavioral output times. It's noteworthy that the times are excruciatingly specific. There are no round numbers, or market closing times like 9:00, or 3:00, or 1:15. These are inexpressibly weird times like 1:17 and 2:23. This happens every day in the world around us. Knowing that is either good news to some people, or bad news to them. Empowers, or emasculates them. It's weird that way.

Ultimately, this is an incredibly personal journey. If rallying against us - calling me a liar for future generations to see - making you feel better about and more dedicated to a trading system that is working for you - if that gives you even stronger conviction to trade your system profitably and confidently, then I'm sincerely happy for you. You've accomplished what 80% of your peers today, cannot. Kudos.

I suppose time will tell if our contribution to the trading community was valuable, or irrelevant. I've decided to focus our energies on the 85% of people that will never log into this site and post a review that do everyday what the 15% here say is impossible. I can live with that, and sleep at night comfortably. When our code is finally hacked, released, upload to the ELITE MEMBER section, and celebrated, I guess we'll have our moment in the sunshine then...albeit a bittersweet one.

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