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Has anyone ever heard of Felton Trading? (www.feltontrading.com)

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Wow, 3rd post and it is such a libelous one! For the record I am not a student or member of Felton Trading, nor have I been. I have been in their trading room a few times as a guest and observed the processes. I also have a personal friend who is a member and is doing quite well with the tools that Felton trading provides. My friend was a somewhat decent trader (imo) before felton and he has become a more consistent trader and has been increasing his account and trading size since joining just over a year ago.

It is a lot of money for the Felton system/course and trade room so it is a substantial investment to be sure. I understand now that they offer a free trial of most of their software so something they did not offer before. It sounds like your expectations were for a green light / red light type of trading system with all the perfect settings to turn your PC into an ATM machine. I do know as do most others that everyone trades differently thus a good trade system to me mostly likely would be poor one to you as it all depends so much on our capital and trading risk style. So if Roger, or anyone for that matter, said to you here are the setting to be successful and you could see that they were successful with them and you weren't, would it be because of the settings or your execution? So hopefully you understand that settings are one thing, trade execution with you as the button pusher is another!

That said I have observed on numerous occasions when in the room where Rodger or someone else is doing live trading (by this I mean not market replay but live data. I honestly do not know if they are using real money accounts) and dynamically explaining their entry/exit decisions most of the time well ahead of the event. I also see that they post their daily trading records and I see that some days they do show loses. You can track back their daily trade win/loss on their website. Obviously they are more successful overall. Could you not have traded with them, regardless of settings? I think that is what they encourage new traders to do.

I was a little suprised about what you wrote about the settings as again the few times i've been in Roger and the others do not hesitate to show their settings (when asked) and freely share their chart templates. Roger and the other room moderators, they have different tweaks and settings according to their own trading style and again they tell you that as well as tease each other about their trading styles.

I've done my research on Roger felton (you can find plenty of posts here by him and about him as well as other forums) and I see he has been an indicator nut from day 1 and has shared his indicators (in the early days) freely (dang it!), so I am not suprised that he has a great many indicators and has exposed all types of settings to tweak them. From my research I see he was big on Divergence type trading and that is what he is probably most comfortable with whereas others in his room don't use the divergence signals. I note that Felton recently implemented an impressive Elliot wave indicator with the bar types he uses and some people use the indicator and others do not. Again it is a matter of finding what resonates with you.

As far as their trading, they close their room on Fridays to students only for training purposes, did you ever attend any of those? My friend tells me that that is where they will focus on the various indicators/methods they use (Hearsay since I haven't seen this) and answer very specifically the questions asked. My friend also told me that he an Roger spent time 1 on 1 together to get up and running as well as go through the various trades that Roger had made in the preceding days. Did you spend any time talking directly to Roger at all?

I realize this all might sound strange coming from someone who is not a student but to be honest when you wrote with such venom I really felt it was unfair based on what i have seen and heard. I'm sorry that you had such a bad experience. If you really did pay for Felton Trading then you are a lifetime member so I would suggest you go back and spend more time with Roger and simply follow his live trading until you are comfortable with what of his indicators resonates with you.


I was a lifetime member and have attended all so called student lessons , there is not much in there. Every week there is a new software update to add to the confusion. The Tuesday psychology lesson is a marketing ploy for Dr Mike. If your friend is making money they just stumbled on a winning combination. Its in spite of Roger 's teaching rather than a result of it. There are too numerous variables. If you want go ahead and waste your money like I did go ahead . I am warning others so that they don't fall into the same deception.You seem like a paid spokesman from from Roger to give a defense of something you did not pay for . Don't lead others astray.

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