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Flux Capacitor - by Back to the Future

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Who is me?

BTTFT Michael View Post
Mike has graciously permitted me to address things that are posted in this forum that are speculative - that is to say correct things that are said that aren't based on reality.

It was said, "Ron from BTTF is a great guy and a great trader. Is it because of the Flux? Probably not. Most good traders can trade any system because it's their intuition doing the "analysis".

Ron trades our corporate account (our personal funds) using the Flux tools - and only the Flux tools. No intuition. No mushy-mushy 'analysis'. Those setups are mentioned, and identified in the training room every day. When this "elite member" says something like "probably not", please realize he's not speaking factually and just writing things down. I can't speculate why he would speak to something he doesn't know the answer to, but forums are filled with people who do it everyday. This is a great forum filled with good people - many of whom are our customers. Most of them speak to what they know, and provide facts to back it up.

With regards to the balance of the statement, the "right edge" is where we specialize in. On any given Friday, 60-70 people watch what the data mined histograms say will happen, and watch it happen in the US morning session. I never show a "look what happened" in hindsight chart. I only ever show a "look what will happen" chart.
It's equally fascinating that the post says, "look at what happened to me four days in a row", or

"Here are my trades from this morning using the flux indi. 11 points per contract.
When I get close to a time and an area then I read the tape for my entry. Most trades today had a 3 tick stop. My targets on a couple were 2 points, the rest were 1 point......how could that be if it's only 33% accurate"


Lastly, the poster said, "He doesn't trade....That's not a good sign from someone who sells software". The poster doesn't know what I do, or don't do, and again, is writing things to just write them down and fill up forum space. People who want to know what we do, who does what or who doesn't do what can call - and we'll tell them and explain.

Be careful when you read these posts. Ask for facts, and for screenshots and hard data. That's the spirit of this forum/website and what we believe should be the basis of anything in trading.

Who is me? Why the cloak of invisibility? I was an early adopter, Mike did not trade but was the suit (so if he is successful now, its because of the tools) and Ron was the trader already.. I coded the Stoplight trade and well did not show its was grail for me, mechanically. We all know the pitfalls of backtest data, especially with tic data and ran it real time for a few months also but..................

Seems like the flux was another way of looking at symmetry of time, similar to what the FibQueen does on timing but different.

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