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Flux Capacitor - by Back to the Future

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I was wrong, obviously Michael isn't a good guy. He's still deceiving, reframing and twisting context.

How do you know Ron doesn't trade with his subconscious experience or intuition? If you traded you'd know that experienced traders use it most of all (subconsciously). It's called experience.

And Michael, I do know you don't trade. You admitted it to me in an email, which I have. If you call me out as a liar then I'll return the favor.

And I wasn't boasting facts about right edge, just personal experience with your crappy "tools".

"Just call us and we'll tell you the truth"-Michael. That's equivalent to "trust us, we're the government". Self serving interests can't be trusted for the truth.

I don't boast my opinion as THE "truth" (gospel), just what's true for me. There's no way your products make people money. I'm hoping to do my part to save common folk, not 3rd party vendors, from wasting yet another $2,500 on some POS Ninja add-on.


I will say thank you for this post in its concise, accurate and plausible conclusions drawn and said in such a succinct manner as to be readable.

I too drew those conclusions, after wasting live trading capital using those tools only to find that they're fools gold. One could take a Master of Science degree in Financial Engineering and accurately prove to the common folk, just why those tools do not work, but its easier to say that in broad strokes the concept works. The implementation is another objective because the common account has to go down from the sky high 60min chart (where that analysis works) all the way down to the 133tick / 1min /30sec chart for execution. What happens almost above 85% of the time is you're wrong sided into something that a less aware trader would never, never, never have executed his order there. Never!

The sales pitch of common times for actions occurring is something that I learned 20+ years ago, and have shared and read about in discussion threads from here to there! The fact that markets overseas close at a certain time, and they too execute "clean up" trades and steps is observable from Grad school all the way down to the instructions from their head traders and money manager bosses. Its not rocket science. To then draw inference from there, that one can "lean on those orders (floor trader terminology)" is as reliable as doing the MOC order strategy and the OOO (Opening Only Order) strategy that Bright Brothers share as "reliable".

Sure, some win, and some others loose, but would you risk your precious, finite capital on those seemingly regular events, or would you rather take some simple moving average crossover trade that works, during regular trading hours and is followed by just about every method trader in the market?

the red flag for anyone is how often they trawl through the trailer park with their emails and seminars and presentations....

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