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Flux Capacitor - by Back to the Future

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Good day folks, for those that are interested. Here are my trades from this morning using the flux indi. 11 points per contract.
When I get close to a time and an area then I read the tape for my entry. Most trades today had a 3 tick stop. My targets on a couple were 2 points, the rest were 1 point.

Now, who wants to talk about how this doesn't work? I've shown screenshots of 4 days in a row with consistent results. How could that be if it's only 33% correct? lol.

Enjoy! I sure did!

I would edit my original posts if I could. I get a lot of PM's regarding the Flux. I'll answer some of the FAQ's that I get a lot in PM's.

1. No I don't trade it anymore.
2. No I wouldn't recommend it.

That sums up my opinion of it longer term. I found that my own support and resistance lines were what made it APPEAR to work. I took it off and just traded the S/R with better results.

Ron from BTTF is a great guy and a great trader. Is it because of the Flux? Probably not. Most good traders can trade any system because it's their intuition doing the "analysis".
Then there's Michael. He doesn't trade. That's not a good sign from someone selling trading software.

Again, not bad guys. Vendors are vendors. As people go, these guys rank on top. As vendors go, their product is equal to all the other "looks good in hindsight but not on the right edge" courses and indicators out there.

Honestly you're better off losing 2K to the market because the lessons learned will be more valuable to your long term success.

My apologies for posting short sighted positive reviews when I was in the honeymoon phase and needed this to work after spending 2K.

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