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MTPredictor Software reviews

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mr11 View Post
I have version 7 for Ninja - licensed version with order module add on.

Mike - the stand alone is supposed to have better charting features not available in the Ninja version - that is, unless the Ninja one has been improved since I purchased the software earlier this year.

To be honest, I don't particularly care much for Steve's webinar presentations
(he just has a way about him that doesn't work for me - perhaps it's cultural differences);
that said, Bruce in tech support has been wonderful.

I use MT Predictor to measure reward to risk on my NON-MT Predictor generated setups, and only take trades off the MT Predictor generated signals when I have confirmation from other tools. I tend to use wider stops than that generated by the program so my Reward to Risk drops off a bit.

I do find the S/R levels generated by the software useful for determining stop placements and targets.

Hope that helps.

futuretrader View Post
Where would you recommend going to learn these "lliot Wave Isolation" structures, if not using the software?


Steve is a vendor, I dont listen to what he sells. 2 days ago if you watched the 15M, 3M and 5M charts on all 4 indices (ES, YM, TF and NQ) you would have had 8 bad signals (each one costing 1R) for -8R. And one winning signal that was stopped at breakeven. But he wont tell you that. In a consolidating market, the software will see abc setups on every swing.

What MR11 is doing is quite smart.

Ness1G / FutureTrader - Elliot Wave isolation is nothing other than Price action trading (some call it harmnics, others see Gartley and Crabs in them, others see Fib Ratio Trading in them). Its all the same. The answers are here (and its all free). Read it all, and then put in some screen time.

This is the freely avialble Part I of the MTP Manual that outlines the idea of Impulses amd correctives and how signals are generally formed (it has some parts removed from the members only manual but its a great place to start)

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