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Advanced EasyLanguage Dallas Project

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Dallas, Texas
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Advanced EasyLanguage Dallas Project

Looking for a Dallas based EasyLanguage expert to help me a code a personal project for use in TradeStation. It is an intermediate to advanced project. However, it is not one of great depth or that needs extensive analytics. It is based on a very simple concept and probably would not result in many lines of codes.

A main goal is to execute buy, sell limit (or market) and stop orders which serve as profit targets and risk protection based on activity around a single price point. This price point may be crossed and re-crossed up to 3 times a day. The position will be scaled as profit targets are hit. A trailing stop would be initiated after first target is met.

It would be best is these orders were OCO or some other sort which would live on TradeStation servers or at market as execution speed will be critical. Another concern is eliminating noise which could cause false or failed execution of stop orders or early entry.

The program will be apply to pre-screened securities which are selected outside of TradeStation. Somewhere between 3 and 6 concurrent long positions per day. Most entries early in day and quick.

As a former programer a time long ago it would be excellent to find a local EasyLanguage expert to spend a few hours with so I can learn a bit as we build this project.

This will be a paid effort.

Please contact me directly at:


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