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Information on how to trade Order Flow

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Hi Pete from Jigsaw has some pretty good stuff. So does John from nobs. Market delta is supposedly good...I have run a trial. But is too time consuming for me.
There are many ways to approach this...but the best I found is screen time and co-relation with my indicators. DOM and Footprint like everything in trading is uncertain and just a probability which can be managed with risk mgt.

Cheers n good luck


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Thanks paps.

I just happened to be looking at a video on the 'volume imbalance footprint' by Trevor at Market Delta when I got the notification for this post. Just trying to find what I can on explaining it so I know exactly what I am supposed to be looking for when I start putting in the screen time. I figured starting out with the footprint charts may be easier than reading the DOM that Peter and John uses. Hopefully I can make the step up to Peter's DOM at some point.

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