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anyone looked at the trading zone?

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Yes, I am a member, although havn't been around the room for some time. There is stuff to be learned there for sure. They use Market Profile in a certain way, and they have a weekly live lesson session where you can ask questions. Greg gives a running commentry on the market so your learning bits of stuff all day long, however as there where guests in the room demoing it, you where never really allowed to ask any questions about their strategy during a trading sessions, if you did, the Greg would get very cranky ... and boy he can really go off !

I was told when I was thinking of signing up that they had an 80% win ratio backtest on their strategies (by Gator), but not backed up with any data and the trades arn't tracked by any of the common tracking systems unfortunately, nor is there a clear daily results report, although he does upload his charts each day.

In any case Greg does seem to know the market and I saw him make alot of money, althought that was right throughout the peak of the GFC when the market was going completely crazy ... it was an exciting time to be there. Things may be more difficult in the current market.

To sum up though, there are some real scams out there, I wouldn't call TTZ one.

btw I have also been getting emails from them lately mentioning some new trading setups. Personally now I am slightly wiser, I wouldn't try anything that hasn't been backtested, and hopefully has some live history .. so perhaps requests some results data from them, either backtests, live or both.