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So I signed up for a two week trial, or rather i tried to. Their website and screens to sign up are not exactly idiot proof (and as a certified idiot I had my fun) so i quit the sign-up without giving my credit card info. All I wanted was the two week free trial so i hate having to give my CC info for something I may not want in the long run. Thought that was it (unsuccessful trial sign up) but the next day i had 4 e-mails from them, one telling me to complete the sign-up and another two telling me that they had signed me up for the free trial and a 4th welcoming me to the site and providing links to various parts for DayTradingRadio (DTR).

Not sure why it was not obvious how to sign up for free without giving the CC info but it wasn't to me. At any rate I now have started the two week trial.

They have recently created a "dashboard" (see picture below)
to put together all of their different services and provide a central user control. It seems like they are still working some things out relative to multiple audio channels. Again it is a struggle on their website as to how to get to the dashboard so I have to use the e-mail link that takes me to an explanation of the dashboard and then from there I can launch it.

So my first critical review is that they need some major work (as in start over) on their website navigation because it is not clear nor obvious where you go to get to the "Dashboard". You can get to the individual pieces (video, audio, chatrooms, etc) from the home page and maybe it is in their plans to redo the home page.

That said I think they have done well creating their dashboard, once you get to it. The majority of the screen is used to focus on a chart, so far has been mainly ES but they will bring in and enlarge other charts as they discuss them. On the right side of the screen are volume controls that you can adjust for your preferences. They have a dedicated music channel, a Main channel, aux channel, news channel and the Tickstrike volume control.

The audio services are a good combination and having the ability to adjust one to the other or turn off is good. The main channel is the host of DTR which the last two days has been a fella named RPM. The aux channel has Ben lichtenstein's pit noise and someone calling out the ES trades. As I trade the TF this is of value to me. The news channel is good (not sure of the source) as it relates news about the stocks and the market in general. The music channel I leave off as it is not of interest but RPM plays what people request. The TickStrick is again tied to ES so i find it of value to me, again i can control the volume which is nice to be able to do.

I did find that on the free version, on Finacialjuice, that you often get all of the audio but no ability to control individually. I think part of it is pick up on the hosts PC.

Below the volume section, there is a trade alerts section that can also show news items, again you can configure what is displayed. The trade alerts relate to stocks only so not much of interest to me.
Also on the screen is a summary of existing (on going) stock trades and historical record.

Another feature are the chatrooms available where everyone can participate. They have news only, futures, forex, options, aapl scalpers and a few others. The chat rooms are based on IRClight version and can be run in Java, HTML or flash.

They have discussion forums and some video/education, I haven't looked at either thus far.

That's all for now. I'll update over the next week or two.

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