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Why backtests are useless, EAs are flawed and their parameters are bad [DISCUSS]

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Please confirm you do not have a website associated with trading where any product or service is for sale, nor plan to have a website like this in the future. Please also confirm you are not associated with any other vendor or provider of trading related products or services in any way.

Hello Mike. Well yes, I can confirm I have no website (and no plans for a website) where I sell anything. [tough, perhaps I make one where I can upload my FREE stuff. So website - perhaps. Sell stuff - not planned!]
Also, I am not associated with ANY vendor or ANY forex related website/product/service/company.


A few words about why you postet that link would be nice

This article is about WFA, yes, but it is not a very good one and not one that convinces people that they want WFA instead of backtests. (which is the purpose of my post).

I will try to explain the WFA procedure a bit more intuitive and easier in a future thread. But until then, I just want to make clear why WFA is much better than a backtest.

- Darwin