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Godmode Trader: DAX Knockout Trader - Rocco Gräfe

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Godmode Trader: DAX Knockout Trader - Rocco Gräfe


I was introduced to a Daily Dax newsletter run by a Mr Rocco Gräfe via a link that @GFIs1 made in his DAX one trade per day journal. Rocco is a technial analyst that works for a German company that specialises in financial journalism and information. The company is called BörseGo and the service is called Godmode Trader

All services and information are in German language although you can write in English and they will understand.

Börse | Finanznachrichten | Boerse-Go.de

Aktien | Chartanalyse | Aktienkurse | Charttechnik | GodmodeTrader.de

Trust me , Godmode Trader doesn't sound any better in German than it does in English.

In any case the original link is for a free or promotional "Daily Dax" review that Rocco does for BNP Parisbas.

BNP Paribas

I found the Free service interesting so I thought that I would trial the paid service.

Free Service: BNP Paribas

It is good. Rocco does a very general review of the DAX that drills down from Daily charts to smaller time frames and is non product specific. He draws trend lines, sets reminders for recent significant highs and lows , illustrates significant gaps and does a general reminder for the state of the market.

I would recommend it to anyone that does their own daily analysis to compare and also to see if you are paying enough attention to the overall direction of the market.

It is also easy to digest. The video is 5 or 10 minutes long and you can easily skip through it.

Paid Service: Knockout Trader | Rocco Gräfe | Premium | GodmodeTrader.de

This service is also good but it didn't suit my needs. Overall the service is aimed not at futures traders but traders of other derivative products like CFD's and KnockOuts. Rocco goes into much more detail not only on the direction and levels for the day but also the specific products that can be used to trade from one price level to another.

I found the service a little confusing as I didn't have an overall impression/description of his full strategy. However he pays attention to risk management in terms of position size and if you pay very very good attention you will see that higher risk trades (counter trend or calling the day's high and low) are mentioned as such.

- long term big payoff relatively small risk trades are highlighed (but not available every day or course)
- detailed commentary with trades called live and emailed
- possibility to chat / ask questions directly
- not too much noise although clearly he does get a lot of crap from some people who perhaps have made losing trades

- it is very focused on CFD and Knockout products (it is designed like this .. so it was a con for me only)
- trades can be very confusing as there is no overall hierarchy that is immediately apparent

Overall good. Not just entertainment but I suspect that lots of people use it for that. Very specific information and possibility to interact with the moderator.

Thanks also to @Daytrader999 and @Balanar for additional information

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