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Nelson, B.C. , Canada
Trading Experience: Intermediate
Platform: Ninja
Broker/Data: IB.ca
Favorite Futures: Tf, 6E-soon, ES,CL
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Posts: 53 since Dec 2011
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Hello Trader Ted,
Thanks for your experience and comments . I only reply here because of what
you said about yourself, that" I should forget about what he said...'' .
Remember the good things he said about the markets, some of that is useful.
But yes, drop the rest .
Even though someone who knows how to use tools- is useful, but not if he's using them
to break into your house ( or your trading account ).

I spent $3500. there . I walked the walk. Let the riff-raff swim in the mud, we have things to do...
'Nuff said, let's drink up and now get back to work:
Look at what we need to do to improve,
visualize our end goal images- in vivid detail, as if it's real,
develop a knowing within yourself that you are activating your higher self to attain these end-goals
- more quickly and faster than before.
Dr. Wayne Dyer once said: '' Believing is Seeing '' as the proper step to achievement. Not the usual
way most folks think, as: '' I believe it when I see it ''.
All the Best, G.

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