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Day Trade to Win's Atlas Line (

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I love this forum. Disclosure, I've never spent a penny on any for JP's system, however he is "quite a guy". He has announced a 3 session seminar for "how he is reading only the barcharts for /ES scalping, which got me interested. It was free so I have signed up since I am always willing to learn some new stuff. On the 1st seminar he was talking about - and I will not detail how hard was to get on the seminar because of lack of organization of his part - generic crap. Towards to the end I've asked him what about the topic, he has apologized and promised talk "more" about it on the next session. Well next session comes and goes and I've asked him the same question and referring to his promise from the previous one.... guess what has happened?
He has just ignored me... he was smart on the seminar because the questions were not sent to everybody only him... so I've skipped the 3rd as of waste of time. By the way he has talked a lot about a ".pdf" book which cost you only - can't remember the exact number - but around 500-600 USD.

The funniest and saddest of all while I was typing this reply, I have joined John Paul's session where he was just this morning promoting the "famous" Atlas line.
Along the presentation I've posted the link to this forum and also to another link on another forum where people had some not so "positive" reviews of the Atlas line "system".
Than suddenly a private message from a "guest" asking me why am I posting these. I've answered "cause I would like to inform people to make an educated decision before they get excited"
Here is what happened next: JP asked for a short brake than on the chat side of his presentation see below:

The chat history has been cleared.
guest (privately): ?!
John Paul (privately): is there something wrong with you

So clearly from whatever reason Mr John Paul himself was aware of these links and he did not want the rest of the listeners have such an easy ride to find them...
One thing I have to admit, he choose the naming quite cleverly so it makes it harder to find it even on google.

I am a paying customer at NT and I will recommend to NT removing him from the preferred vendor list. What else can be done to get crooks off the market like him? Any suggestions?


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