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Puretick (puretick.com now puretick.co also Market Dancer marketdancer.com)

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Chicago, IL
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stay away...not even a free trial

I have been in the futures business since 1987 (CBOT floor). I was surrounded on the floor by a lot of different personalities (some good/some bad/some difficult). Also, dealt with a lot of large institutional clients (mostly from NY).

I have seen it all but I have never seen a more unprofessional person as Alex W. at Puretick. In 2012 I had to reinvent myself as a trader (formerly a spread trader) and I somehow joined Puretick. A total scam and you will lose money in his trading room. I won a raffle that they had and I got their A to Z guide for free. They charge $2,500 for it and it is worthless. I could go on and on....

8,000 people have been in his room....don't be 8001. You will lose and after you lose he will try to get you to pay for a private mentoring program (for $10k). He is a bad person and if he would have worked on the CBOT floor in the 'day' he would not have lasted more than a month. No one would have put up with him. Fortunately, my stay in the room was rather brief...but I still cannot believe I joined this room.

Alex if your listening....show your DOM.

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