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Puretick (puretick.com now puretick.co also Market Dancer marketdancer.com)

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Chicago, IL
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Follow? so your a "Follower" ??

Traders are trained, not born. Once trained, do you need to follow?

Write down his trades again, this time with the 7 second delay. You have a brain use it! His alerts are guides, you have to pull the trigger. Stop blaming everyone under the sun for your losses. I recommend reading "Trading in the Zone."

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I was in Alex's YM room and its not any better. Trust me there is no way to follow their calls. I have a picture of ravens screen which shows he only trades SIM. post #16 in this thread. I believe Alex does too. I wrote down every call he made for a month and there were no trades crossing my time&sales at that price and time. Or they were already well into profit and could have only been filled minutes before he actually 'buzzed'. IMHO its all a load of BS and just walk. I wish i could prove that Alex only traded SIM also but he never shared the wrong screen

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