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No connection between the 3 traders.

First, it is pretty sad that my post was the last post on this thread....a year ago. Guess we can have people too interested in Harmonics or Fibs, at least in the context we were talking about it.

First off, IMHO, although fibs are used, there is no similarity between Scott Carneys harmonic setups "who made up that word harmonic for this system anyway?" Sells a lot of books. Second just because(and he denies it!) Mark Braun worked for Carolyn Boroden years ago is no telling who is the better trader. I would say that Mark sticks with SPY and DIA futures 80% with a bit of Forex analysis done as a courtesy more for his chat room members than anything else. When i was a paid for member, the guy was blazing. Same with Carolyn, could just be luck but everything she put out either never got triggered or hit its target. BOTH AMAZING TRADERS! Scott you can keep as you have no idea the work youll be doing to get these harmonics in line to find setups and so many times they dont trigger. And he gives no free trials away as last i checked.

I dont know what one poster was talking about Carolyn 'going for the big money". If that means she is being more commercial, she deserves it. Because she still gives a pick away every day! My frustration with all of the above is that when I try to see how I can make a living using either of their signals......they just dont trigger often enough or....waddle around for many days before hitting their tgt or going nowhere. Also Mark likes shorter time frames like the 15 min with the 3 min to confirm and I cant ever make a living on such short time frames. Carolyn however gives both. But what good does it do to sit in her chatroom when you havbe a day trade from the day before on, and it is not going to hit tgt or get stopped out that day in 100 yrs. So too much time wasted in both of their rooms. I wish they both had a bib scanner that could show us what stock or future is triggering NOW!

As for Rober Miner who Carolyn claims is her mentor, I wouldnt give you $150 let alone $1500 for his software that depends way, way too much on time analysis which i admit I dont understand hiow to put in in the chart and have no patience for it and nobody has proved it works. I was hoping by 2013 , a few peoplwe would tell us they are making a living or at least some money with Mark and Carolyn which for paid rooms, Id put them UP AGAINST ANYONE AND THEIR ROOM! Im just not seeing if doing figures on 22 different stocks or instruments isnt worse than actually going to a job. And if you havent read Carolyns only Fib Book...its the best $16-$20 I ever spent. Again, its soooooo complicated and I wish both her and Mark had a simple 2 page checklist. I respect them both.

Oh me one guy who is even excited about Miners $1500 software. I will bet anyone who buys it is so embarrassed to say so, they wont mention it. Thats just my opinion. I personally would love to start a Fib club or Fib Forum like Mike has here, but just with Fib trading. You all have to admit that Mark and Carolyns theory of having 3 fib numbers all line up within 1/2 inch of each other gives them a lot more strength than when taken alone.

Me personally, Im trying to use a co. called Ratio trading which specialized in taking trades that bounce of the .618. Imagine making your own system juts on that one bounce/action???? He too has a system too complicated for me!

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