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coiled markets review (

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I also took the course and the above summary is really good. IMO it's a waste of money. I also saw Austin go from Soybeans (being the perfect market) to Oil (and now Soybeans were terrible) to the Russell (and now Soybeans + Oil were terrible). I also saw the jumping of chart settings from tick, volume and minute based charts. At first there was a chat room (that was really dead) to no chat room and back to a chat room (due to the huge demand for it) and back to no chat (because hardly anyone was in the room).

Are you confused yet?

That's how you will feel taking this course. Whatever market is 'hot' will be a god-send and Austin will have no problem telling you how great this market and his system is. Until it is no longer working and then everything will change on you. It's a big cluster mess of stuff inside the paid portion of the site. You will sit in a dead chat room (assuming there is a chat room at the time) and get very little real-time explanations.

You'll see the pricing of the course change, the name of it change, etc. to drum up new business. He posts on ET from time-to-time while doing a TST combine, but we've never seen him complete it in profit. His last combine failed as he just stopped posting updates and provided the standard Austin BS reasoning. Had the combine passed, you can be sure everyone on ET and his email list would know.

As the above posts states, you can find the same 'system' much cheaper in a basic TA book and probably get much more out of it. You will get much more value from a book like the Encyclopedia of Chart Patterns (and save considerable $) over Austin and coiledmarkets.

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