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L2ST experiences? (www.l2st.co.uk)

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so,Kam copied the volume profile concepts from FT71 without referencing the original source? I think this is likely coz I watched some of his presentation earlier on and he didnt use Vp.He used traditional MP and Vwap but alter some of FT71 stuff was circulated on internet,this guy started talking about VP,HVN,LVN.Or FT71 copied from Kam? anyone got any ideas? Is Kam really profitable? He charges big money for his trading room using the concept copied from someone else and doesnt offfer trial,which is rediculous to me.Is he is so good why afraid of giving people 2,3 day trial!

I spent ~7 months in Kam room. And learned a lot about trading, volume profile, auction process, footprints, psychology.
I saw all FT71 videos and subscribed to his website and learned the concepts of volume composite and some very basic money management.

I don't know who copied and if someone copied and believe it is not important. Focus on yourself and what those traders can do for you.
FT71 shares ideas but does not tell you how to trade. This is ok, because he gives ideas that you can take and after a lot of work maybe able to do something.
Kam teaches you to trade. Or at least the way he does his trading. And he charges what you consider to be a lot of money. That is your perception and it is legit.
So with FT71 it is cheap and you will spend years to make your research. With Kam it is what you call expensive but will take shorter time. Choose what's best for you.

I believe Kam is very profitable but more involved and more focused on European sessions.

Concerning the trial, I actually agree with him. He gives a lof of material free (videos etc..). So his ideas and approach can be seen easily on his youtube videos or free webinars. If you want to learn volume profile, then commit yourself to his package and the room for at least 6 months. Again, the question is not about Kam. It is about you. DO YOU WANT TO LEARN Volume profile trading. If yes, Kam is probably one of the best.

My 2 cents... and obviously just a perception of things...


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