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Puretick (puretick.com now puretick.co also Market Dancer marketdancer.com)

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I was in the ES room for over a year. 2012 I bought there package for $2995.00 gives you a reduced room per month fee and a bunch of trading rules and such. I just received an e-mail today that they have a new website. when I went to it two of the moderators Raven Wood And Ray Phister where not on it. NO ES room at all. Raven was the sole moderator for the ES room. I could not follow the trade calls live, hot com 2 second delay. I got all the losers and very few of the winners. I believe the YM room with the owner Alex Wasilewski is the best room. he has less rules and stays focused on the big picture. I did not want to trade the YM because of trading cost fee vs Tick amount. in retro spec I should of taking a look at his room. he is a basic 15 min 3min 133 tick chart trader with 89 ema and 50 sma with 200 sma. they track daily pivots and the 30 min opening range. I paid $250.00 to be mentored by Raven on the phone and he basically said if I am not constantly making money go back and take 5000 sim trades to learn how and train my brain. I got tired of hearing them tell all of us to go back and sim trade for 5000 trades. it seems to be his answer on how to become a winning trader. I will say he was a hard worker and trader, he did try to make the room a teaching room. but with out a written plan. (mine came from Alex and was for the YM.) got my money worth....? I could not make it work.... you can contact me by e-mail if that is allowed on this site. Dana

I was in Alex's YM room and its not any better. Trust me there is no way to follow their calls. I have a picture of ravens screen which shows he only trades SIM. post #16 in this thread. I believe Alex does too. I wrote down every call he made for a month and there were no trades crossing my time&sales at that price and time. Or they were already well into profit and could have only been filled minutes before he actually 'buzzed'. IMHO its all a load of BS and just walk. I wish i could prove that Alex only traded SIM also but he never shared the wrong screen

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