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What can I say Alan, Tuesday i took a call from the room and it was my only losing trade +4 -6 -6 for net of -8 . and you can see that on my blog. straight up. but it was also a similar entry i would have got with HG so...

Ti needs to step up the trade calls especially the signal room no doubt about it. I mean people read these blogs and google stuff before they buy it (especially if it costs a couple grand!). The bad publicity they have been getting is going to put them under. and its been killing the affiliate side of it

I wish there was a way for me to post the live calls but I would probably get in big trouble. I checked the results and I can't vouch for the other room, but signal room is about right +2 points or so a day.

personally Its been over a year since I signed up at Ti. before even Bear sterns collapsed. i can remember in the fall taking trade calls that ran for 15 or more points. But recently they have been crappy you are for right.

What i did learn from Ti was to have a trading plan, run it like a business because it is, and stick to a system. all things i could have learned here FREE, Yes. but blogs like this didn't really exist a year ago ! and besides I was an options trader using high probabilities to sell put spreads so I wouldn't have known about them.

HG is the chart i have been looking at recently, yes. and its on my blog because I am trying to help build this community. The reality is its us small guys VS the robots and I think we can win. but we need alot of well trained troops!

About my trading: honestly, I'm using a bunch of stuff when I trade. TICK reading, NYSE AD line with CI indicator, high Volume node histograms, and looking for divergences with the YM and NQ too. Oh and my Fav the VWAP! I have the TI signal room on and sometimes when the moderator calls a trade and I'm already in an opposite position, its hard to keep my mouth shut! But I do because the last thing you want when your in a trade is to have someone on Twitter or in a room telling you something different. Its hard enough to trade your plan without someone else making you second guess yourself. am i right?

my conclusion I trade MY plan, Ti is a part of it. I have posted probably over 100 winning trades with over 1200 tweets on twitter you can go back and see them all. I'm with TI til October cause I paid upfront so if there are more questions about how the rooms are doing ill be glad to answer them honestly. And sorry about your experience Alan, no hard feelings. If it happened to me I would be posting the same thing.

I'm just trying to make a few bucks everyday
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