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Hi Nathan,

I agree with the thread posted here.

I have been a TI member for about a year now and this has been the biggest regret. IMHO a lot of what is quoted in the link is correct. It cost a fortune to join. On top of this there is a monthly room fee. The main issues I have with TI are as follows:
1. Their indicators (MACD & DS) do not work - and do not work as promised
2. They teach you to read the market using the MACD & DS and then Dale trades off his own system! What is the point of paying the huge dollars when the pro trader trades off another system and signal set!
3. TI Promise big things, but do not deliver. They blame you (the trader) for making a loss!
4. They promise, advertise and market that you can make $500 -$1000 per day. Their pro room trader does not achieve this, nor has he over the past year!
5. They continue to trade divergent signals into very strong trends going the other way and continually lose.
6. They trade in SIM only. This is not putting their money where their mouth is. Sim is not the same as live.
7. They move stops away from their opening position and increase their losses

I can go on all day here............

I traded in the pro room and took all of Dale’s trades with live funds. After 2 months I quit TI as I had huge losses. The results reported on the website were quite different from the reality!

I would never recommend TI as IMO this system does not work. A new trader would be better off donating their funds to this forum, as they will receive far better indicators (Sharky's indicators, Big Mikes, Wizards etc). At least a new trader will have a better chance of surviving the markets with decent indicators.

There are many other trading organisations or groups which I would join before TI.

Ever since I have turned TI off, I have been consistently in profit. Surely this is proof enough that TI is "not what it's made out to be".

If you were a true TI member and affiliate, why would you trade using Wizards Holy grail system? Is it perhaps because the Holy Grail delivers a profit and TI doesn't?

Anyway, I'm really not having a go at you. I just do not believe that TI will solve anybody trading issues. If a person buys a good book and joins a forum like this, they will be $ 10k ahead.

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