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stressless trading - Jam's

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Just wanted to share the review on

422 Futures Trading Rooms in the US: | MarketClips
Of the 422 rooms I have visited and evaluated, this room presents one very genuine and one very unique feature:

Genuine feature: JAM discusses in detail his winning and losing trades; admirable as most rooms sweep losing trades under the rug.
Unique feature: The Black Belt Mentorship System: it consists of careful review of each trade, actual trading account statements and daily mentoring over many months. Progression along the White – Black belt system is gated by successful performance in each level; it is a very demanding and competent system. It appears to be the best trade education program I have seen; it is careful, consistent, protracted and patient.

I observed trades called for 2 months with Strategic Day Trading (04.15.13-06.15.13), aver of 3.17 trades/d; aver $370/d; aver $1848/wk (note: all values given are based on P/L with 3 contract trade; official room trade is 2 contracts per trade). JAM exhibits a caring and friendly manner that is most comforting compared to some of the vitriolic [1], vulgar [2], or deceptive [3] rooms I have observed. He will wait for the market to come to him, as he trades and teaches patience and discipline every day.

Very often he is “one and done” meaning after a single $300-$600 profitable trade, he will go from active trading to active teaching and the room becomes didactic. True execution of “one and done” requires patience for the market and the trade to set up, execution according to his trade plan and then discipline to conclude for the day. As with the very best trade rooms, there is a pronounced diurnal variation in P/L: aver P/L for Monday: $851; Tuesday: $71; Wednesday: $557; Thursday $129; Friday: $240 (yes, that adds to $1848/wk).

The fact that Dean Handley gives JAM a good grade is not a plus. This guy promotes a lot of different room sites. He was banned from (formerly BMT) for self promotion here. Anyway, if I was JAM I would steer clear of Handley.

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