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www.leadingedgetrading.com trading review

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Just wondering

I am glad that you seem to have found value in HT's room. As I mentioned, his "calls", at least for me, were difficult at best to feel that I understood what he was attempting to tell us. The if, could, maybe levels he puts out, although in reality probably the best anyone could truly hope for since the market does what the market does, did not seem to allow me to find any level of an "edge" in figuring out what the market could give me.

One more specific question for you though. You state in your review that he does not use any technical analysis or indicators to do whatever it is that he does. How do you know that to be the case? Simply because he says so? Being a text only chat room, he never shares his charts, and simply states over and over again that he somehow deciphers what is happening through other means. Again, how do you know that to be the case?

Good luck in the Silver Room, and you are correct in stating that if it works that is all that matters, until HT either gets on a bus, gets hit by a bus, or the Feds put him out of business. [Not that I am claiming I have any knowledge of wrongdoing on his part].



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I took the free trial and based on what I have seen I bought the silver room. I don't care about the HT's behaviors if he can bring an edge to my trading and help me to make money.

It is a very different type of approach with the objective to be in sync with the market. At the beginning of the day he sets levels to watch as possible targets, breakouts and breakdowns and scenarios. What kind of day we can expect trending of range bound. And depending of how the market behave you have to be ready to change your mind to adjust to the current conditions. All day long HT is posting, when he judges relevant, what you should anticipate as the market direction and strength.

How he does that? I don't know and this is not important at this stage. The focus is does it works and How can i use his posts in my trading.

Some of the participants in the trading room are in awe with his calls. He doesn't accept other's comments on the market pretending that can be confusing and misleading. He doesn't rely on indicators and technical analysis because of the lag you are always too late in your trades.

Is it the real deal? I don't know but I have been impressed enough to give it a try with an open mind. After a month or 2, I think I will have my answer.

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