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www.leadingedgetrading.com trading review

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If you enjoy geting pumelled...

As an update to this thread, for anyone interested, I just sat through 3 [free trial room] days of this HT's insults, arrogance and general holier than thou attitude. I wouldn't mind it if it seemed like he was actually capable of helping me make money.
His "calls" are on the order of.. "1629.50/.25 is pullback level, but it may make it down to 1623/.25." Now when he reviews his calls later on and the next morning, even though there was no way to know which of those levels we should be rebuying at, he always chooses the one that got tapped as the one he called and thus made money on.
If you should have the temerity to ask a question in the room when something he says might be unclear to you, be prepared for a barrage of insults and a tirade on how you are a no-nothing retail trader and never actually get an answer to your question, since that would make him need to "stick" to that later on when he reviews things.
My advice, take the free trial room if you want to, but I cannot see any way a person could make any money with his non-call calls.
Just MHO of course, but Caveat Emptor.


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