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You really need a lot more experience. I am direct with you because I think it is the best approach, no sugar coating.

In the past you have gone on and on and on in threads on (formerly BMT) about only doing business with vendors who can prove they are profitable. So, please post the tax returns and broker statements of Charles Booth immediately.

Also, since you are now recommending his service, and you have stated you are profitable, then since you have been so steadfast in the past about needing proof of P&L, you should also post your tax returns and broker statements.

Last, telling someone they need to invest time in a method is quite obvious. You were told the same thing, but refused to listen to anyone --- and judging by your posting patterns and the post content, all you have done is continued to search for OTHERS to teach you how to trade, instead of actually becoming a trader. Traders LEAD. They do not FOLLOW.

You may have fooled yourself, but please - stop with your posts on this subject because I don't want anyone else to be fooled by you.


Dear Big Mike,

I do not know what the hexx this giberish of yours is suppose to mean?

I am just saying That I am profitable now thanks to Charles's method, but more importantly I wanted to clear up the misconception that you can trade for a few minutes and be done!

I end with a simple question to you Big Mike, Are you profitable? After all, you have been at this a lot longer than most of us or does this site's profits substitute for your trading profits?

I expect to be banned from this site just like you banned Charles after he won YOUR TRADING CHAMPIONSHIP hands down!!! Hey, your the king, its your site, and to quote you "this is not a democracy, I rule"

Cheers to a jealous man!!!


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