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Vendors providing P&L PROOF!?

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yes actually you are pushed in a sense of sitting down with someone and 'reviewing each other' to see if u r a good fit. it is easy for them to not accept everybody (and therefore look more exclusive) because some audience members were completely out of touch and would not be good students. when i heard they let a guy in and were going to give him $20k financing after he just had a bankruptcy and a new baby, and this was just over a quick conversation no paperwork/formalities whatsoever, it sounded more shady, almost loansharkish. also you could just avoid the 3rd (last) day which is where the heavier sales pressure comes on.

ppl love to worry and talk about the problems of things like this but dont get caught up in that. evaluate it for what it is, for yourself. u might waste time and have to drop out of some new stuff but other stuff will make it worth it. effort in, results out:

if you are clear about your goals and your budget and u take responsibility for your own decisions then no one can really pressure you into anything. really a prerequisite for trading in the first place right. confidence comes from a broad perspective on what you really want in life and making sacrifices for it. boy do i digress

everyone needs diff input at diff times. but i was actually so impressed with the the gaps OTA was filling in to my trading approach like the focus on long term financial planning, trading options, strategy tips, etc. that i was ready to sign up. but the cost is ridiculous so you go home, do some research, find all this negative stuff about them, then u get more realistic and say do i want to deal with that, if that happens to me (constant sales pitches, underqualified instruction, whatever) or u incorporate the good stuff from what you just paid for over the tryout period and u leave it at that. no hard feelings

so i say if interested, take it for what it is and deal with some sales BS. have a plan X (excuse) in case u get really annoyed. just be smart and practice being level headed. this is what we need most for trading anyway

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