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Vendors providing P&L PROOF!?

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regarding OTA, hope this helps and isnt too irrelevant-

sam seiden's articles, though repetitive and partially PR for OTA, greatly helped me understand suppy and demand. fitting this into my style of trading turned out to be a missing link in my system. i was very grateful so when they came to town about 6mos ago i checked out the free mini intro session.

i ended up investing $200 in a 3-day hotel seminar weekend and it was money very well spent. not only for the new ideas and structure they bring to the markets (can't speak for their execution/track record and dont care) that i could take and make my own, but mainly because it refreshed my head at a tough time.

since they have to cater to general folk/non-traders it was remarkable how deep they managed to get into some of their concepts. certainly enough for an experienced trader to add a few tools and increase my world view about trading for a living, like diversifying with long term strategies as well.

i try not to judge little purchases like this too much, i just try to get something worthwhile out of it. sometimes it's not information, it can be motivation or some other reason.

definitely got more than the $200 worth and the 2 long days. as far as signing up for $20k worth of trader education, um, thats where i draw the line...


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