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NexGen indicators and review (

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If the fibs is the main missing weapon, you can get excellent Fib cluster indicator from Fat Tails.

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I studied too many systems and indicators for over 15 years and I can say now that I earned a lot of experience. Personally, I am an Elliottician in philosophy. I crossed with NexGen through a friend of mine 3 years ago and I studied it carefully. I managed to reproduce quite well all of its indicators except the most valuable (my opinion) which is the Fibonacci levels of support and resistance. As far as I know these levels are clusters from 10 time intervals so it is not an easy task to reproduce them correctly. Yes, the software is very expensive and also the marketing tactic of the company is not friendly enough with new and old also users. Nevertheless, I believe that the value of the toolbox (which Fibos are the main weapon of it) worths the money, the time and the effort for someone who is serious about trading. It needs to invest to it hunderds of hours to understand the ''set-ups'' and the philosophy behind them. Note that I do not like the semi-auto version of Revolution although the Renko bars are interesting. I prefer the old-fashioned version of T-3 at Tradestation which gives a lot of freedom to a well-trained trader to follow the set-ups and also his/hers instict of the trader. Surely, it is not something that it is plug and play after 1-2 hours of reading. But I believe it worths the (admitable the high price) money for someone who is willing to invest to it a lot (and I mean A LOT) of time and effort.

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